Add an Analytics Copilot to your SaaS product

Enable users to get answers via chat by analyzing and visualizing data from your product's API.

Use case

Google Analytics

A Copilot integrated into Google Analytics could answer questions like:

  • What's the conversion rate from the most recent email campaign?
  • Which blog post converts the best?
  • Which channel has the best LTV/CAC ratio?

This improved user experience reduces the time-to-value for their users, meaning more of them stick around.

Analytics copilot example
Getting started

Simple setup

1. Upload API Spec and Docs

This defines the endpoints available and docs the the copilot can reference. Find out more here.

Upload API spec

2. Test in playground

Evaluate the assistant before deploying. You can connect to your API from the playground.


3. Integrate

Once you're happy, integrate the assistant into your codebase with a few lines of code.

AIname={"Acme Inc. AI"}
"What stage is the deal with B Corp?",
"Get startups with >500 employees",
"Who is leading with Space Inc?"
brandColor: "#ffffff",
slideoverSide: "right"

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