A chat interface that can control your product

Deploy an AI Copilot in a day, letting users get answers and take actions through chat.

AI user assistance

With Superflows integrated, users always have access to a product expert to help them get the most from your software.


  • Quick actions

    • Add a step to sales pipeline...
    • Export all contacts to excel...
    • Show all interactions with customer...
    • Send email to customer...

Built for product teams

Our control dashboard makes setting up and configuring your product assistant easy.


Getting started

Simple setup

1. Upload API Spec

This defines the endpoints that are available to the assistant. Find out more here.

Upload API spec

2. Test in playground

Evaluate the assistant before deploying. You can connect to your API from the playground.


3. Integrate

Once you're happy, integrate the assistant into your codebase with a few lines of code.

AIname={"Acme Inc. AI"}
"What stage is the deal with B Corp?",
"Get startups with >500 employees",
"Who is leading with Space Inc?"
brandColor: "#ffffff",
slideoverSide: "right"
Use case

CRM Product Copilot

CRMs are incredibly powerful and flexible, but this can lead to a steep learning curve. With an AI copilot, users simply type in a box to get information and complete tasks.

They can ask questions and give commands in chat:

  • Which deals in our pipeline should I prioritse? Weight by deal size and probability of closing
  • How should I progress these deals?
  • Create tasks to remind me to take these steps
  • Which outreach strategy has generated us the most leads this month?

This improved user experience means more users are activated, stick around, and close deals through your CRM product.

Open Source

Follow us on GitHub. Watch the releases for each repo, get notified for new features, and make feature suggestions.