Launch your product's AI assistant.

Without an AI team.

Superflows makes it easy to add a powerful, reliable AI assistant to your product. Get your users answers to complex analytics queries.
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Delight your users

Increase user engagement and retention

Increase user engagement and retention

Help your users get the most from your product, providing guidance and insights into their data.

Build fewer dashboards

Build fewer dashboards

Instead of spending dev time on building new dashboards, with Superflows you can give your users any plot they need.

AI chat that does everything your product can


Superflows gets your users the answers they need in seconds. It calls your product's APIs to get data, and then writes code to crunch the numbers and give your users the insights they need.

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Superflows can take actions on behalf of your users. It prepares actions for users, and asks for confirmation before completing them. Anything your product can do, your AI assistant can do too.

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With Superflows integrated, users always have access to a product expert to help them get the most from your software.

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Why choose Superflows

Help your users achieve more

Help your users achieve more

Reduce the time it takes your users to get answers from hours to seconds.

Save engineering time

Save engineering time

Building in house takes over 6 months. With Superflows it takes weeks.

Stay in control

Stay in control

Approve answer formats, so you can trust your AI assistant won’t go off the rails.

Get a proof of concept built for you

Book a workshop

Our team will evaluate your requirements and guide you on best practices.

We build a PoC in 2 weeks

We will build the proof of concept, tailored to your needs.

Evaluate and go live

Evaluate and adjust your AI assistant behaviour before going live.

Built for product teams at SaaS companies


01Connect your API & docs

Define the endpoints available and docs your assistant can reference.

02Customize and control behavior
03Integrate in 1 line of code
04Analyse user interactions
Configuration and testing

Configuration and testing

Upload your OpenAPI spec and docs, and Superflows will build your AI assistant. Configure authentication, and start testing in the playground.


Join product teams powering their UX with Superflows

    'We just launched our Superflows driven feature, our early users love it. Great team, great product'

  • Chris Smith

    CEO, Ontik

  • 'Superflows lets our non-technical team solve complex customer problems previously only engineers could'

  • Alistair Cotton

    CEO, Integrated Finance

Use case

CRM Copilot

CRMs are incredibly powerful and flexible, but this can lead to a steep learning curve. With an AI copilot, users simply type in a box to get information and complete tasks.

They can ask questions and give commands in chat:

  • Which deals in our pipeline should I prioritise? Weight by deal size and probability of closing
  • How should I progress these deals?
  • Create tasks to remind me to take these steps
  • Which outreach strategy has generated us the most leads this month?

This improved user experience means more users are activated, stick around, and close deals through your CRM product.

Open Source

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